“My intuition was telling me this would be a good therapy for Victor.”

Victor is now 5 years and a half. In the summer of 2014 I found out about ABR therapy. My intuition was telling me this would be a good therapy for Victor. I was not wrong. We started ABR therapy in September 2014, after visiting ABR team in Belgium. In Romania, where the same specialists are running the program, all places were taken and we just couldn't wait for an available place.

I was impressed by the careful examination of my child, he was evaluated thoroughly. The fact that photos are taken and then compared at each evaluation shows us how much the body changes from within during a year of working ABR therapy. 

Already, during the first year, we had noticed an increased mobility for Victor, the fact that he would turn in the high chair to grab something from the table, the fact that he would bend, testing how low he can bend, like never before. We saw his hands more relaxed. And he started talking – in 2014 he had a vocabulary of some tens of words. In 2015 he was already connecting them, while now he makes sentences, he is telling us very clearly what he needs or wants.

Motor changes do not happen overnight, and laying every brick in order to change internal structure takes time. By working ABR exercises, we see Victor's upper body more firm, he sits higher. For us, ABR is now part of the daily routine, and we hope for more changes to come.

I am also impressed by the constant effort made by Leonid Blyum - he always studies new working materials and textures, he invents new techniques, to improve the comfort of our children's life.

— Testimonial of Cristina – Mother of Victor (Romania).


Comparisment Victor before starting ABR therapy on September 2014 (left hand-side pictures) – and after two years of ABR therapy (right hand-side pictures).

“Everything we wanted and more.”

I am 43 years old and I live in Denmark with my children. I have a helper who comes every day (5 days a week). We both work on Louis. 5 years ago I started the ABR therapy. Leonid Blyum told me that it would take 2 years before we could see improvements with Louis. 

Louis was in that terrible shape. He didn't have any rib cases, he couldn't sit in a chair by himself and he didn't have any neck. When we met Leonid the first time – it was like coming home. Louis loved Leonid from the beginning. Leonid investigated Louis in 2½ hour. I have never met such dedicated people to do their job before. To meet the Belgian ABR team was such an up lifting experience. I finally was being taking seriously which resulted in making a difference for my child.

It is really difficult to explain what ABR is doing with the body and brain – but I usually compare it as "breaking down an old house and rebuild a new one up with the same pieces". It takes time – a long time to rebuild. But the beauty here is that you can see it on you childs body and brain. And it don't goes away. What you have accomplished is here to stay. It is a huge work to train ABR but it makes a real difference. See the comparisment below.

Today we see a lot of change. Louis can allmost eat all food, fruit and prepared vegetables. He sleeps better, he is very happy, he tell us if he is angry or sad and what he wants to do. Furthermore. He doesn't want others to makes his decisions.

Testimonial of Henriette Christensen – Mother of Louis (Denmark).

Comparisment Louis before starting ABR therapy on August 2014 (left hand-side pictures) – and after two years of ABR therapy (right hand-side pictures).