The Concept

During the past decades, the medical world got attention for the fascia. The fascia (plural: fasciae) is a connective tissue layer that supports various functions of the body. The fasciae provide support and protection and give structure to the body.

The ABR method, with its soft and long-term pressure technique, penetrates in all tissue layers. The effect is that the deeper tissues are strengthened. They can then continuously support the improvement in the subcutaneous tissues (e.g. muscles). Getting stronger the fascia is the key to the convalescence (or at least a clear improvement) of the body structure, the movement and a number of vital functions.

ABR, the natural method

ABR follows the natural motor development. The motor development of babies and infants goes through a series of sequential steps: head control, sitting, kneeling, crawling, standing, making moves, walking, jumping, ... There are no steps missed out: a child can’t walk if for example he can’t sit by himself. ABR follows the same natural way and works also step by step to the successive motor functions. ABR can bring someone that can’t sit by himself to sit independently, that can’t crawl to crawl, that can't stand to stand, to make moves, to walk and to jump.

ABR needs time, but it is durable. The above means that the ABR-method requires time and patience. And patience is just something we can afford less and less. Also with health problems, we want rapid assistance: a rapid rehabilitation after a surgery, a pill that makes our headache to disappear after five minutes. But just the time that ABR needs, means a significant benefit. Through the gentle technique, we use only the tool of Mother Nature. The body strengthens to the rhythm of natural influences. ABR respects the original condition with its strong and weak components. It is not forced, the body is not forced to the extreme. We respect the evolution that a newborn child endures from its natural development. We strengthen the condition of the body so the body can keep himself in condition. This makes that what we're building, is also of a permanent nature. 

Difference with the traditional treatments: the total approach

The classic medical science usually departs from a particular diagnosis and then proposes a treatment that specifically targets a muscle, a joint, an organ ... In some cases, it is established that after a traditional treatment – for example, a number of sessions with a physiotherapist – the problem returns. This is because the relationship of the treated area (a muscle, a joint, an organ, ...) with the adjacent and the underlying structures is overlooked.

Motor problems are often the result of a general weakness of the body tonus. (Tonus means “muscle tension”; here the term is used for the body condition as a unit). ABR wants to improve the overhaul tonus by acting on all tissue layers of the body. These layers are interlinked; one layer can influence the “performance” of the other. This is the reason why the results of the ABR-total approach are durable and constant.