ABR Belgium offers an annual program in which every year some element are coming back.


The yearly program includes one evaluation of the participant, where the condition of the treated person ('participant') will be evaluated. The diagnosis is based and an individual treatment plan will be established. The evaluation consists of:

  • tests;
  • an extensive photo shoot;
  • report review and photos comparison;
  • strategy and practical implementation of the exercises.

Fees and options will be discussed upon first contact.


During the sessions, the parents and the caregivers learn from the ABR trainers exercises that they will apply at home. Exercises will be revised every thee to four months The exercises will be taught in groups or individually, depending on the location.


The ABR techniques are designed to strengthen the internal fasciae (tissue), joints, etc. This is not possible traditional massage techniques and by means of movement exercises: they approach only the overlying muscle groups. ABR aims to strengthen the overall body structure. This requires a separate approach and technique. We distinguish different techniques within the ABR method sharing the same basic principle.

Important: the treated person ('participant') remains passive during the treatment. The treatment is even possible when the participant is asleep.


The ABR-machine permits to increase the number of hours worked without an intervention of a third party. It is also a convenient solution for adults who do not have a person to apply the exercises on them. The ABR-machine illuminates substantially the life of the treated person or persons.

Intensity of treatment

Depending on the condition of the participant is a treatment of one to three hours a day suggested. On average most parents/caregivers work two hours a day. It is possible to get two caregivers working at the same time on the participant to lower the number of hours worked each day. Treatment can be divided in sequences of 30 minutes throughout the day.

It is highly suggested to apply this treatment every day, at least five days a week.

You want more information or want to start right away?

Before registering for a training session, you have to make an appointment for an information session. This consists of a presentation followed by a question and answer session on ABR theory and practice. This is followed by an optional assessment of the participant. Presentation and assessment are free of charge.

On the contact page you will find all our contact details. We can answer a number of questions on the phone or via e-mail.